brad winget recording a solo podcast

Ep.1: How to Get Wealthy Through Real Estate with Vacation Rental Expert Brad Winget

Join Brad in the first episode of the Swingit’ with Winget podcast as he shares who he is and lays out the future of the podcast, what can be expected, and the type of guests that will be featured. 

brad winget and malissa winget recording a podcast

Ep. 2: Brad's Wife of 25 Years & Business Partner in "Utah's Best"

In episode 2, Brad sits down with his better half Malissa. Learn what makes these two such a power couple starting from how they met to now raising 4 kids and running multiple businesses. 

Ep. 3: Braden Winget, Preston Winget, and Mason Peters

In episode 3, Brad sits down with his son’s Braden and Preston, along with his nephew Mason Peters. All three boys play college baseball at Salt Lake Community College for a special episode on baseball!

brad winget recording a podcast

Ep.4: 5 FAQs of Vacation Rental Investing Pt. 1 with Real Estate Expert Brad Winget

In this episode, Brad goes over the five most commonly asked questions when investing in vacation rental properties. Get ready to dive deep into everything you need to know as a buyer/owner.

brad winget and ryan hancey recording a podcast

Ep.5: Real Estate Expert Brad Winget
Sits Down with Top Attorney & Friend Ryan Hancey

Kessler & Rust attorney and lifelong friend, Ryan Hancey, sits down with Brad to discuss asset protection, weathering market downturns, tips for aspiring attorneys and some personal stories!

brad winget and josh lindsey recording a podcast

Ep. 6: Building Wealth through Business Representation with Josh Lindsey

Owner of American Business Brokers, Joshua Lindsey sits down with Brad for a conversation about celebrating wins, how leaders show up, and the steps to building wealth!

brad winget recording a podcast on credit repair

Ep.7: Tips to Improve & Repair Your Credit Score Today with Brad Winget

In this episode, Brad covers the ins and outs of credit. How to build credit early on, what to avoid when building your credit score and most importantly, the steps you need to take when you have low credit!